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We promote and participate in the recycling of plastics, boxes and other products.

We ensure a quality and durable product which can be utilised sparingly and for longer periods.

We are official suppliers
of a host of recyclable
and biodegradable

As a company that sells plastic products, we want to be part of the solution.

Recycled Plastic:

Is It Eco-Friendly?

Recycled materials are much more eco-friendly than virgin materials. That’s right! Even recycled plastics! There is so much plastic in the world that we should be turning it into something instead of sitting on the earth’s surface with no purpose. In our opinion, we shouldn’t be producing any virgin plastics anymore!

Recycling is a cost-effective way to assist with our environmental issues because it conserves crude oil which is used to make plastic.

Extracting resources from our natural world in order to create virgin plastic materials has a very high carbon footprint.

Ethane cracker facilities turn ethane into ethylene, this is a main ingredient in most plastics. These facilities
have a huge effect on our climate.

When we use recycled plastic, we cut down on:

• the amount of crude oil we extract,
• the amount of water it takes to make new (virgin) plastics,
• and we can change the market to using only recycled or biodegradable material.

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